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Animal Tracks

What made this track? Have fun learning about the animals in the forest!

Activities include:

  • Lesson on the different tracks found in Florida and the animals they belong to

  • Games where you will be the animal!

  • Hike to search for animal tracks

  • Make a cast of an animal track to take home


Animal tracking is not only great for learning about the animals in Florida, but it also helps kids to look for details and increase their awareness of their surroundings. Tracking opens your eyes and ears to the forest as you search for clues.

This program is appropriate for kids Ages 6+. Children ages 4&5 are able to participate with parent assistance, however the content is best for older students. This is not a drop off program. The length is approximately 2 hours, but you may stay after the program to explore the park.

To book this program for your group, please email Lizzy at

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