Beach Explorers

Join Jax Dragonfly Academy to learn about the creatures that make the estuary their home.

Activities include:

  • Using tools to test the temperature, salinity, and more of the water

  • Scavenger hunt through the mud flats

  • Using dip and seine nets to catch critters in the water


Students will think like a scientist to learn what makes the estuary so special. They will use their skills of observation to make inferences and find many amazing creatures to study.

This program is appropriate for kids Ages 5-17. Each ticket purchased is for a program participant. Children under 5 years old are asked not to participate for safety reasons. Parents are encouraged to stay during the program. The length is approximately 2 hours, but you may stay after the program to explore the park.

To book this program for your group, please email Lizzy at

This program is $12/student with a minimum of 6 students required to book a class.