Jax Explorers Field Trips

Below are links to RSVP to each of our monthly events. Please click on the time you would like to attend to see full details. Each class is on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 10am.

February 3

Bird Watching

Be a bird for a day. Learn about migratory birds, how birds eat, and how they survive. Search the forest for amazing birds using sight and sound.



Trail Tour

Join us as we explore the forest in search of treasures in the woods.



Wild Paint Making

The forest is in bloom, and its time to learn what makes all those amazing colors. Extract pigments from plants and use them to create natural paints.



Insect Explorers

Its a Bugs Life! Learn about insect anatomy, meet live insect 'pets', then go exploring for insects.



Animal Tracks

What made this track? Learn about the creatures in the forest, find evidence that animals passed through, create your own animal track.