What is Dragonfly Nature Club?

Dragonfly Nature Club is a way to get kids Ages 5-11 in Jacksonville and St. Johns County outside exploring nature in a structured and safe way. Each session is unique, drawing from the seasons, the surroundings, and the kids involved to create a memorable experience.

What does a Nature Club session look like?

  • Nature and Science mini lessons

  • Focus activities to teach observation and attention

  • Open ended activities to build creativity, teamwork, crafting skills, and more

A typical Nature Club session would start with a 5-10 minute mini lesson on a topic such as birds to get students interested. Students will then participate in a focusing activity such as silent sit spots to open their eyes and ears. Finally, students will choose as a group what type of activity they will work on together to increase skills or knowledge, such as a scavenger hike, or attempting to build their own nest. ​

What kind of topics will be included?

Below are some examples of things that may be covered during a Nature Club session. These topics will change based on the time of year, the age of students, the students interests, the students current studies, and more. If you are booking a private session, let us know if there is an area you would like to focus on.​​

  • Bugs

  • Ponds

  • Soil

  • Fire

  • Reptiles and Amphibians

  • Nests and Burrows

  • Animal Signs

  • and Much More!

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Book a Mini Session for your group

Mini Nature Club is a 2 hour session that follows the same structure as the regular Nature Club, just MINI.

To book a session, email Lizzy at info@jaxdragonfly.org.