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Birthday Parties

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Wildcraft Adventure

Schedule a Wildcraft Birthday for your adventurous child! If they love video games like Minecraft and Roblox, then Wildcraft will get them playing off the screen and in the outdoors!

Wildcraft Birthday - (90-120 minutes) Cost $25/child

This game includes a single "day" in the Wildcraft world for players to collect resources, craft a shelter, and light a campfire. Gluten free snacks and marshmallows are included. You will also get a free Wildcraft digital invitation to send out. 


Wildcraft Half Day - (3 hours) Cost $35/child **Most Popular**

This game includes two "days" for player to collect resources, craft a shelter, potions, and more, and use a whittling knife OR hand axe, and light a campfire. This version includes a "monster" that will come out during the night, so the players must be prepared to defend their shelters. There are also gluten free snacks included and marshmallows to roast on the fire. 


Wildcraft Full Day - (6 hours) Cost $45/child

This game includes three "days" for players to collect resources, crafter a shelter, potions, weapons, gardens, and more, and use a whittling knife, axe, AND light a campfire. This version includes a "monster" and gluten free snacks throughout the event. There are two Dragonfly leaders that will help run this event, and it is drop-off optional for groups of 12 or less. 

Recommended number of players: 8 - 16

"I never thought I would learn something during a birthday party. You dont see that every day."

    - An 11-year-old Wildcraft Player

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Buggy Birthday

Bugs, Butterflies, and More! We will bring several live bugs for the kids to see and touch, play bug games and learn fun bug facts. We will also take the kids on a guided bug hunt to see what we can find.

Buggy Birthday - (90 minutes) Cost $15/child

Kids will get the chance to see and touch up to 3 live friendly bugs, learn fun bug facts, play a bug game, and go on a bug hunt. They will get magnifying bug jars to take home that can be used over and over.

Add-on: Make a DIY Bug Shadowbox with a fake bug that can be taken out to play! (+$6/child)

Minimum per event: $169

Maximum number of children: 25

To schedule a birthday party, please send an email to

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