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Included you will find everything you need to facilitate a student investigation on bees and pollination. The purpose of these activities is to provide a student-led opportunity for science investigation. This means that the activities included should require very little direct guidance from a teacher or adult in order for the activities to be completed. You can use these stations as centers that the entire class rotates through, or use one per day to supplement your science lessons. Feel free to utilize these resources in whatever way works best for you and your students.


This can be used to conclude or introduce a new unit on pollinators, bees, flowering plants, or habitats.


Extensions: If you notice that one station is finishing sooner than the others, that would be a great spot to add in some of the included extensions.


What is Included:

  • Lesson Objective
  • Standards
  • Materials
  • Introduction Information
  • Station Guides
  • Student Pages & Printables

Bees & Pollination

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