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Hogswood Winter Camp is Sold Out for 2023.

(see 2023 camp details below)

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Hogswood School of 'Magic' and Wilderness

Welcome to "Hogswood School of ‘Magic’ and Wilderness," a magical retreat designed for young magicians aged 6 to 11! Over two enchanting days, children will immerse themselves in the wonders of the wizarding world, crafting their own wands, honing their Quidditch skills, concocting mysterious potions, and embarking on a thrilling exploration of the 'Forbidden Forest.' This whimsical experience blends creative activities with outdoor adventures, fostering a love for science and nature in a fun and friendly atmosphere.


Some activities include:

  • Carve a wand customized just for you - use real carving tools

  • Play Quidditch in real life and compete to win with your team

  • Craft bubbling potions with the potions master

  • Explore the magical creatures and plants in the ‘Forbidden Forest’

  • Get sorted into House Luminaire or House Verdant Vale and win house points 

  • Get tickets before December 9 and receive a personalized Hogswood Acceptance letter; great as a Christmas gift!


When & Where

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

500 Wonderwood Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32233, USA


December 28-29, 2023

Drop off: 9:00am

Pickup: 2:00pm

*park admission is not included, we are not affiliated with the park system


Who is this for?

If your child Ages 6+ loves fantasy and adventure, this is the perfect camp for them! No previous experience is needed, as our counselors will work to create an environment that fosters creativity and learning in our outdoor setting. 


What to expect

Please be aware that Hogswood includes several bushcraft activities including: fire-lighting, toasting marshmallows and whittling with knives. Our staff are trained and experienced at tutoring children through such skills and will cater each activity to suit the child’s age and experience as appropriate. Your child’s safety is our primary concern. We do not exceed a child to adult ratio of 1:8.


What to Bring

  • Water bottle

  • Snack & Lunch

  • Shoes that are secure to the foot, ie. sneakers or strappy sandals (Please no flip-flops or jelly shoes!)

  • Weather-appropriate clothing - we are 100% outside


View our full event policies by clicking here.

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