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Summer Camp - Wildcraft Adventure

Just like in their favorite video games, kids will be given a number of challenges throughout the day, and all the while be building their shelters before ‘night’ falls and the monsters wake up! Players will light their own campfires, ‘mine’ for resources and use sharp axes.

 Ages 7+

Kinder Eco Camp - Ages 4 - 7


Children will be transported into a magical world of imagination, as they explore the forest and all its wonders. 

Activities include: 

  • Embark on exciting story-driven adventures

  • Discover hidden secrets in the forest

  • Create nature based crafts

  • Storytelling and songs under the shade trees

What are families saying?

"My kids have loved the programs!"

"Ms. Lizzy hosts amazing classes that my entire family learns something new from! She is engaged with the students and so much fun and full of energy! Each class is a unique and special experience and we always leave so excited for the next one!"

"The kids were engaged, excited, having fun and learning all at the same time."


Our Environmental Education classes offer hands-on learning for K-12 in an outdoor classroom. Click on MORE to see our courses.


We have summer, winter, and spring break camp programs for Ages 6-11 that immerse kids into nature where they can participate in outdoor adventures in a safe and memorable environment.


To book a program for your group, send an email to or click below to book.


Lizzy Ellis, Founder & Lead Educator





* Jax Dragonfly Academy is owned and operated by Lizzy Ellis. Jax Dragonfly Academy is an enrichment program and is not an accredited school or curriculum. 

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