Wild Painting

The forest in in bloom, and its time to learn what makes all those amazing colors. Extract pigments from plants and use them to create natural paints.

Activities include:

  • Learning about pigments in plants and animals

  • Using primitive tools to make paint just like ancient peoples

  • Experimenting with chemistry to make custom colors

  • Free painting time - kids are washable!

  • Hike through the woods to look for pigments in plants


Students will use chemistry and historical practices to create up to 6 different colors of water based paint. We encourage creativity and experimentation while walking students through the steps to create each color.

This program is appropriate for kids Ages 5+. Each ticket purchased is for a program participant. This is not a drop off program. The length is approximately 2 hours, but you may stay after the program to explore the park.

To book this program for your group, please email Lizzy at info@jaxdragonfly.org.