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Fizz and Bubble

Join Dragonfly Field Labs to learn about acids, bases, and what makes things fizz!

Students will:

  • Learn the basics of acids, bases, and pH

  • Test the pH of common household items

  • Create 3 awesome fizzy chemical reactions

  • Make a take-home chemical reaction

This program is designed for kids Ages 8+. Kids ages 5-7 are welcome to participate with parent assistance. Each ticket purchased is for a program participant. This is not a drop-off program. The length is approximately 90 minutes, but you may stay after the program to explore the park.

To book this program for your group, please email Lizzy at


  • SC.8.P.8.8 - Identify basic examples of and compare and classify the properties of compounds, including acids, bases, and salts.

  • SC.8.P.9.2- Differentiate between physical changes and chemical changes.

  • SC.912.P.8.2 - Differentiate between physical and chemical properties and physical and chemical changes of matter.

  • C.912.P.8.11 - Relate acidity and basicity to hydronium and hydroxyl ion concentration and pH.

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